Typhoon H Yuneec H520 software update (1.8.0-1.6.5)

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    4 jul 2016
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    Yuneec heeft een software update beschikbaar gesteld voor de H520 hexacopter, en ook voor de E90 en E10T camera's. Er zijn flink wat bugs aangepakt en features toegevoegd, zoals je in onderstaand overzicht kunt zien.



    • Landing gear state is now recorded in the log
    • Takeoff without GPS is only allowed in indoor mode
    • RC loss alarm added for when RC signal is lost after flying, but the drone is still powered

    • Minimum effective altitude for sonar-based sense&stop from 1.5m to 2m
    • New tune for low-battery warning
    • Track ROI with gimbal alone, while the drone's orientation remains constant
    • Increased maximum allowed distance to 1st mission waypoint from 900m to 400m
    • Increase return to ground control station safety distance from 3m to 5m

    • Fixed direction the drone faces when flying a survey after flying ROI mission
    • Prevent old ROI settings from interfering with follow-up missions
    • Don't run motor-check when HITL simulation is enabled
    • Fixed incorrect flight mode on drone bootup
    • Fixed gimbal-jitteriness very close (centimeter range) to ROI points
    • Fixed pauses at the end of tunes, improving low battery and error tunes playback
    • Fixed landing gear not always lowering with option "RTL to GCS" enabled
    • Fixed eccentric camera pitching while ROI is active and mitigated yaw stabilization issues of the Gimbal in ROI missions
    • Prevent landing gear from rising during compass calibration when toggling the gear
    • Force landing gear to keep its current state during takeoff



    • New mission types: Structure Scan & Corridor Scan
    • New checkbox visuals
    • Warn user with vehicle is in HITL mode

    • Parameter descriptions updated
    • Enable USB (Serial) for desktop builds

    • Pronunciation of low battery messages in DataPilot
    • UI issue with RTL to Takeoff Position/GCS
    • Issue with camera not showing up
    • Corrected E10T focal length value which is used for computing survey missions


    • Fixed corner-case where upgrade process can get stuck
    • Fixed missing photos in panorama mode


    • Added support for thermal image dewarp, off by default
    • Fixed update stuck on green LED

    Latest versions:
    AutoPilot: 1.8.0-1.6.5
    DataPilot Mac:
    DataPilot Windows:
    E90: 1.0.61
    E10T: 0.2.21

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