I'm buying my first drone, the DJI Spark, tomorrow. Whats do you wish you knew about drones / the sp

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  1. Darryncosta

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    19 dec 2018
    Leuk Bevonden:
    I'm buying the Fly More kit tomorrow morning. I'm super excited to be able to join you guys and take some awesome pics.
    Is there appsync.biz/speed-test appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder appsync.biz/solitaire anything you wish you knew when you first got it easier? Most of my pics will be straight to my iphone (just updated to ios 11) to Instagram. Will be doing videos too, will be using imovie for iOS for that, to add music etc.
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  2. Sjakie

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    11 sep 2016
    Leuk Bevonden:
    Hi there.
    That's a very, very open question you are asking there. Like you're getting your driver license and ask the same question.
    There so much to learn and so much experience you will gain at each flight you will make. It's too hard to give a proper answer.

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